eDesigners can make more money . . .

Updated: Jul 12

by providing a concierge buying experience to their clients.

Most e-design businesses are structured to end at the presentation by providing a shopping list filled with links from affiliate programs. E-commerce retailers set up programs for affiliates to sell their products; it’s a portion of their advertising and marketing budgets. Affiliate programs work well for influencers. After all, that’s who it was intended for; someone who can promote a product, create a high volume of sales, and be rewarded with a small commission when the sale is finalized.

But what other options are there?

What if you could structure your e-design business around a model that supports your growth, helps you to create raving fans out of your clients, and allows you to further develop your ladder of services?

Yes, there is an option!

Bello Lane is a project-based home furnishings retailer, working exclusively through the spec lists of interior designers and decorators to empower sourcing, procurement, and sales.

We share the net profits with you 50/50 from wholesale to retail.

Here is how it works

  • Sourcing: We share our list of manufacturers and distributors central to serving clients virtually, giving you the ability to browse their complete catalogs. Discover pieces that are not readily available online, and provide customized offerings without worry; we’ll handle the process for you.

Gain the knowledge to articulate the value of the pieces you select and the companies that crafted them. We provide you with insights into vendors, their price points, quality levels, and special nuances.

  • Procurement: Once you’ve made your selections, product inquiries allow you to see the entire cost brake-down, stock availability, and shipping times. That gives you the opportunity to replace pieces that may be out of stock or may not arrive on time. Our comprehensive quotes are complete with competitive retail pricing that include price comparisons and value-added information.

Create product specification lists for your clients to order directly from with products that are ready to ship. Add package options that allow your clients to have their entire room design delivered and installed all in one day. We can also offer white-glove delivery option.

  • Sales: Bello Lane functions as your personal retailer. We purchase from the vendors, taking care to ensure all details are complete and accurate. Once your client has identified what pieces they would like to purchase, we will send a customized invoice, that identifies us as your personal retailer, to complete the transaction. We will copy you in on all communications with your client. We handle all the sales tax collection and reporting, shipping damage claims, and any other issues that may arise. Along with the invoice, we’ll attach any warrantees and care instructions that apply.

Shipment updates are sent to you and your client, allowing you to stay engaged with your client and offer added installation packages or guidance.

Set yourself apart with value-rich presentations and done-for-you concierge retail services.


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