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eDesigners can make more money . . .

Are you earning money from the sale of the products you specify in your designs?

Earning a commission from affiliate links is a great way of monetizing a blogs post or in a "shop" page without doing any heavy lifting. Just place a link to a retail site that handles the actual sale, and you earn a reward for the referral.

But, do you just want to earn referral rewards for doing the heavy lifting work of product sales?

For a retailer, it is a long and expensive marketing road to acquire a customer. So, some use programs that make it quick and easy for an e-designer to create a virtual design deliverable; they can reach customers at the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to click and make a purchase, for a small referral fee.

Is this method really the most beneficial for you, if your goal is to a build a sustainable business that is profitable and attracts clients?

The point is not to do just create a design to get paid, but to see how much more value can be created than what is paid for.

The challenge using the affiliate link method is

  • knowing when or if your clients make a furniture purchase

  • if they're finding the selections to be in stock

  • if they're encountering any hassles

  • knowing when their purchases ship and get delivered

  • if all their pieces arrived safely

  • if something arrived damaged that the retail will replace it easily

Setting up processes that help you stay engaged with clients throughout their entire journey will help to strengthen and affirm how you value them as a client.

This is a highly emotional experience for your clients. Do the systems and processes you have set up empower you to guide and serve your clients through every step of their journey?

Your value is determined

at the point clients feel you're

creating the most value for them.

Your clients' journey begins the minute they realize they want to hire a professional to guide them through their project.

Let's go through the phases from your Client's perspective.

Phase 1 - Searching for a designer

Most likely, your Client has discovered you from the marketing efforts or discovery platforms you invest your time and money in. All of which are results from the effort you spend to get in front of potential clients.

Phase 2 - Choosing to hire a designer

After, the Client has pursued your website to see examples of your work and check out your package fees. They decide to hire you because they like your design esthetics and feel they know you.

These are very impactful phases for your business, and you've probably spent as much, if not more, time working on your marketing efforts as you have working on paid design projects.

Phase 3 - Waiting for the design presentation

This is the phase your Client believes happens overnight, even though you have very clearly reviewed the timeline with them; hmmmm, thanks HGTV.

Nevertheless, the design presentation day comes, and you deliver a stunning design they absolutely fall in love with.

What does your client's purchasing journey look like from here?


Imagine how your business would grow if you partnered with a retailer that strengthened your client relationships.

Providing you the ability to

  • source ready to ship and custom pieces from lead manufactures and distributors to curating your own one of a kind collections

  • procure in-stock items for every project at wholesales levels

  • give your clients in-depth manufacturing information and warrantees making it easy for the client to see the benefits of the selections

  • keep your clients updated with shipping and delivery schedules and provide you with package details so you may easily assist them with unpacking and installation instructions.

And shared the net profits from the products your clients buy.

Providing you the ability to earn more money and build stronger client relationships.

eDesigners can make more money . . .

Just think about your client's entire eDesign journey as you set systems and processes in place. Look for methods that support and allow you to stay fully engaged with your clients throughout their entire journey. Methods that give you the resources to add value beyond a commodity transaction, so your clients reach the end of their journey with you, and are completely in awe of how you made the whole experience so easy for them.


If you would like to learn more about our system and processes, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, please send me an email

Or if you would like to try us out with one project, there are no long-term commitments or monthly fees.


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