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How does this work?

We offer two choices, either you can sell directly to your clients or have us handle the selling of products to your clients.  

The Procurement Service allows you to purchase products from our vendors at wholesale prices, and you sell directly to your clients, enjoying a profit-share of 50%.

The Merchant Service allows you to enjoy a 25% profit-share, and we do the work of merchant sales on our behalf, handling such things as sales tax reporting and remittance.


What is meant by a tailor list of vendors?

We'll start things off by getting to know you and your business to determine which brands suit you best. When you start a project, we'll help you select the right vendors to create a sourcing strategy that optimizes shipping costs and best fits your project's needs.

If you've ever been to an industry trade show, you know there are hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of product variants for every style and budget. We eliminate the daunting task of vendor discovery to get you quickly sourcing the products you need.


How does the money work?

You will receive a Product Pricing report for every project that details the wholesale cost, all the expenses involved, the minimum allowable retail price, along with the profit-share split. Giving you full control to decide if you're going to include the shipping expenses in the retail price or pass it onto your client when you invoice them.


How much does the freight cost?

We guide you through strategies that optimize freight costs. Keeping these charges as low as possible is key to pricing if your clients are shopping you online. Our systems consider everything from where your client lives, to freight carrier choices, to currently specials on freight incentives, to distribution locations, all to help you select the best vendors for that particular project.  


Can I buy at wholesale costs?

Yes, you're buying through us, utilizing our ability to purchase from an extensive array of vendors. We procure products for you at our wholesale cost and then help you set the best retail price that ensures the sale while adhering to the product's pricing rules and guidelines. 

Can you guarantee better pricing than what's available online?

Nobody can compete with "big box" or discount retailers on some items. If a product is available online at an absurdly low price, you have the option to send your client there, or we can help you find a profitable alternative.

Why wouldn't I just set up my own vendor accounts?

You can, and you should, if you have the volume. The volume required to get to our pricing tiers is usually much more that one designer can reach or maintain. It might be possible if you only order from one vendor, but that would limit your designs. Our selection of vendors offers you a wide variety of brands and styles.


Where do I find the list of products I can source?

We don't limit you to only products in one database. Our focus is to help you determine which brands will serve you and your clients best so you can build a successful business by sourcing efficiently and effectively.


Do I have to use different project management software?

Nope, because you're sourcing directly from a vendor's website, which allows you to easily add images and descriptions into your designs.


How do I keep track of multiple orders I place with you?

You will have a personal Designer Portal where you can place orders, track their progress, see all costs and expenses involved, track delivery to your clients, and report damaged claims to have replacements sent quickly. 


Can I get products to sell on my website?

Yes, we will direct you to the products that are allowable to sell online and let you know at what price they must be sold.


How are damage claims and product returns handled?

We take care of processing damage claims in all scenarios; we operate as your back-office. All sales are final in our Procurement Service and Merchant Service packages; we offer no returning product options beyond damages claims.


Are there any additional costs to me or my clients?

Our services have no upfront or enrollment fees. And through your Designer Portal, you will see all the expenses associated with purchasing products so you may correctly invoice your clients.


Can I order custom pieces?

Yes, we'll guide you through the process of ordering custom upholstery and finishes. You can also request samples; we'll let you know the costs, if any, are before we place the sample request.

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