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You've worked hard to create an excellent virtual design experience for your clients. Now imagine extending that same level of personalized attention throughout the purchasing and delivery process into the follow-up phase. Personalized attention that leaves your clients feeling highly valued by you because you made sure their entire experience was excellent, that they weren't left handling any issues on their own.
With a strategic retail partner, you'll deliver a concierge-style service that creates thrilled clients who will be less price-focused, has a higher purchasing rate, and is eagerly to recommend you to others.


  • Sourcing

Quickly search for the right home furnishing brand or brands suitable for each particular project and extend your search to include pieces from exclusive brands, trade-only lines, and custom options. Easily find insight into the qualities that make these brands exceptional and affirm, to your clients, that you are looking deeper than esthetic when you're selecting pieces.  

  • Procurement

Easily secure pieces through our vendor relationships for your clients to purchase at wholesale prices and eliminate the barriers that keep you from making higher profits.  Prior to client presentations, we'll check product availability, shipping costs, and delivery estimates, so you always present a ready-to-purchase design package complete with in-stock products, competitive pricing, delivery schedules, and manufacturer warranties.

  • e-Retail Management

Surpass your client's expectations by delivering a concierge-style buying experience that is attention-focused on your client and strengthens your relationship with them. 

Bello Lanee takes the workload of sales and service off your plate by handling all the details and placing your earnings straight into your account.



A profit-sharing partnership. 


Complete Services

Include sourcing, procurement, and retail management.

The net profits of a project's purchases are

split 50/50 between the designer and Bello Lane.

Stand-alone Services

Sourcing and/or procurement.  Are a percentage-rate fee based on the scope of work. 

Bello Lane makes all costs involved in every transaction transparent to the designer only and is not incentivized or compensated in any other way.


No registration or subscription fees.

Our services are specific to the needs of virtual design packages, and

open to all qualified independent interior designers, decorators, and stylists.

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