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Sourcing from manufacturers who prioritize sustainability, integrity, and reliability is critical in creating beautiful interior spaces that withstand the rigors of everyday use. By choosing manufacturers who prioritize these values, we can ensure that the furniture meets high standards of craftsmanship, is made using quality materials, employs skilled artisans, and adheres to strict production standards, resulting in furniture that will stand the test of time. Moreover, a commitment to integrity means transparency in the manufacturing process, providing the confidence that the furniture is produced ethically and sustainably, which aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious designs.

- Established vendor accounts - at optimal pricing tiers 

- Online catalogs for quick imagery, descriptions, and inventory availability

- Custom order quoting

- Sample requests



At Bello Lane, we collaborate with home industry professionals by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to source and purchase furniture, fixtures, and accessories at better rates, ultimately achieving their full profit potential. Our established vendor accounts enable design professionals to buy at the best pricing tiers, helping them maximize their profits and reach sales margin goals through performance analysis tools. We make it easy for you to purchase from several different vendors by expanding your buying resources through our curated list of trusted manufacturers and suppliers, all in one place. As the buying agent, we handle all the details, streamline the buying process, and save you valuable time and effort through to the delivery phase.

- Wholesale purchasing

- Custom order processing

- Transparent cost tracking

- Comprehensive product profitability tracking


Bello Lane's managed shipping and delivery services make it a hassle-free process to quote white-glove delivery from any vendor or simply monitor shipments to a receiver. 

- Residential delivery services

- Order tracking tools

- Managed damage claims

Product Sourcing

Our interactive Vendor Guide provides access to our network of reliable vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers, making it easy to identify product types and view catalogs.


​​Vendor Relationships

We managed established accounts that have achieved optimal rates and work to maintain strong relationships with these vendors to ensure we provide a diverse range of quality products.

Cost Estimation

Pricing Guides are provided to help with cost-estimating, and for complex pricing, we are always available to help you through email or phone.

Material and Finish Samples

Samples and finish options are provided upon request. Charges may apply to some samples and will be identified before processing the sample order.

Customization Assistance

Providing personalized assistance to ensure complete and accurate order placement of custom pieces.

Order Management

Handling the entire procurement process, including placing orders, tracking shipments, and managing inventory availability, we provide an easy-to-understand dashboard that gives a comprehensive look at each order and the project it is assigned to.

Quality Control

We conduct quality check-ins upon the arrival of every shipment so we may quickly address damages or defective pieces to ensure replacements are sent timely.


Detailed documentation, such as vendor facts, sustainability information, product specifications, warranties, and care instructions, are easily accessible inside our client portals.

Logistics and Estimation Assistance

We offer managed logistic services that involve shipping products as soon as they become available to a receiving warehouse. This helps in gathering all the pieces until the project order is complete and ready for delivery to its final destination. If needed, we can also assist in researching and assessing the best method of delivery to remote areas or directly to a client if drop shipping services are not provided by the vendor.

Let's Take Your Purchasing to the Next Level

There are no membership fees or yearly purchase requirements. Qualified individuals make purchases based on their projects or acquisition requirements.

Explore our vendors and unlock your wholesale purchasing opportunities today!    

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