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Virtual interior design living room

An exclusive

to Home Industry Professionals
that makes it possible to
. . .


sell effortlessly

procure wholesale

source from leading brands

make greater profits

As your project partner, we managed the entire process, from identifying sourcing strategies that maximize your effectiveness to streamlining your ordering process to logistical oversight to retail sales that enrich the client's experience.

What We Do
The greatest success happens when collaboration drives opportunity. 
Who We Are

What would it do for your business to collaborate with a strategic partner?

Hellen Keller said, "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."

Hi! I'm Cali, founder of Bello Lane. 

I find this sentiment ringing true throughout personal and business life; working together allows everyone to bring their talents and strengths forward. When companies work together, leaning into each other's strengths, they grow and develop fuller offerings and build foundations that broaden relevance and increase their importance in the market. 

Developing value-aligned partnerships that focus on common goals and utilize complementary strengths is key to building strong businesses. And, developing strategic partnerships that also expand resources and empower revenue growth is key to sustainability.

Imagine how your business would grow if you had more resources at your fingertips.


Recognizing that independent interior designers and decorators have limited opportunities to change the furniture buying experience for their virtual design clients and make more money from those sales, we filled the gap by providing resources that allow for innovation and profits.

Our Concierge Solutions turn spec lists into profits, social media product inquires into opportunities and creates an environment that supports best practices between manufacturers and YOU.

GrowingYourBuss PIN (1).png

Gain access to leading brands

With proven strategies and simplified processes, we offer a robust variety of suppliers and manufactures in the home furnishings industry that minimizes risk.

GrowingYourBuss PIN (2).png

Expand purchasing opportunities

Establishing and maintaining good rapport with suppliers is vital to project profitability. Utilizing our established resources and strategies to optimize time and budgets. 

Concierge Solutions.png

Surpass client expectations

Designed to strengthen your relationship with a client, our concierge service delivers a luxury boutique experience and takes the workload off your plate.

Our concierge-style retail service creates a highly personalized experience for clients as they make their purchases, keeping clients engaged with your business, so they remember YOU.

Who We Serve

  • Interior Designers

  • Interior Decorators

  • eDesigners

  • Home Stagers

  • Builders

  • Property Investors

How We Serve

Bello Lane becomes part of your team, working with you to handle all the details and enable you to . . .

  • identify vendors specific to your project needs

  • make strategic decisions that drive better outcomes

  • verify product availability

  • accurately place custom piece orders 

  • stay informed on the status of each order

  • clearly define the value of your selections with expanded insight into each vendor

  • expand your offerings and upscale your delivery services 

  • ensure damage claims and replacements are processed timely

  • minimize risk and maximize profits

Who We Serve

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