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Managed Wholesale Purchasing

Furniture, Fixtures & Accessories

serving the industries of
Commercial | Hospitality
Interior Design | De
corating | Staging

Designed to . . . 

  • Maximize the profits of interior designers, decorators, and home stagers who sell directly to their clients.


  • Equip hospitality buyers with cost-efficient furnishing that expands the purchases in budgets.


  • Provide an avenue for passive income to real estate stagers and vacation rental property owners.

How We Serve

Bello Lane joins your team and brings reliable relationships with various vendors with us. We have established connections with manufacturers of furniture and cabinetry and suppliers of textiles, lighting, and appliances. We keep ourselves updated with the brands we present to you and have a thorough understanding of their manufacturing processes, including materials, finishes, and construction. This enables us to assist you in making informed decisions.

We understand that coordinating the logistics of procuring and delivering furnishings can be challenging. Therefore, we coordinate with you to manage the entire shipping process efficiently, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. We know how important it is for you to be aware of the status of your orders, and that's why we use digital tools to help you track the status of each order, report damages quickly, and accurately calculate your actual profit margin.

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly important, and we prioritize awareness and commitment to sustainability by identifying environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials and products our vendors offer.

Our goal is to help you . . .

  • identify vendors specific to your project needs

  • make strategic decisions that drive better outcomes

  • verify product availability

  • accurately place custom piece orders 

  • stay informed on the status of each order

  • clearly define the value of your selections with expanded insight into each vendor

  • expand your offerings and upscale your delivery services 

  • ensure damage claims are processed timely for desired resolutions

  • minimize risk and maximize profits

Let's Take Your Purchasing to the Next Level

No membership fees or yearly purchase requirements.

Qualified individuals make purchases based on their projects or acquisition requirements.

Explore our vendors and unlock your wholesale purchasing opportunities today!    

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