Improving the

Profits &


for eDesign

A project-based retail partner for virtual interior design.

Helping virtual design businesses increase their profits and provide a highly personalized buying experiences for their clients. 

Are you struggling to find better shopping cart solutions for you and your clients?


One that doesn't involve links to other websites that keep the largest portion of the profits from the pieces you spend time searching for to benefit from the trusted relationship you've built with your client.

We believe that in order for you to grow your business, you need sustainable profits and systems that strengthen your client's engagement with you.

An investment-free solution


We partner with you in serving your clients more fully; there is no financial investment you need to make. Once your client completes their furnishing and accessory purchase, we'll handle all the aspects of the purchase until it arrives at their home.  Our comprehensive process allows you to see your profit from the beginning.

How you serve your client matters.
What your process is matters.
But how your client feels when they engage with you matters more.


Ready-access to specify products directly from top furniture and accessory vendors. 

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Get roll'n and start making more money;  net-profits are split from wholesale to retail.

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Done-for-you concierge-style shopping experience designed to strengthen client relationships.


Access with no commitment


Browse trade-only vendors such as Bassett, Olliix, Currey & Co, Park Hill, American Leather, and many more to discover their complete lines of ready-to-ship pieces or customize something specifically for your client. 


Bello Lane Procurement gives interior designers and decorators a more profitable and guaranteed way to monetize their virtual design (e-design) packages. Bridging the divide for e-designers with a trusted environment that protects the brand value of manufacturers and distributors while empowering the direct sales channel for both.

The power of building a personalized experience 

Establishing relationships is a powerful thing and developing a system that continues the emotional engagement your client experienced throughout the design process into the purchasing and delivery process is pivotal to scaling a virtual design business.


Gain full catalog access to leading home finishing brands to easily specify ready-made or custom pieces.


Pieces are procured wholesale and sold at a competitive retail price so you always earn a profit.


Un-limited product selections that are easily incorporated into your preferred design project software.



Monetize your shopping list with products you sell directly through a done-for-you e-commerce concierge service.

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Pieces are delivered directly to clients or to staging areas for white-glove delivery and covered for any shipping damages.



Build a sustainable business with guaranteed profits from every home furnishing product purchase. 

Ready to take your virtual-design business to the next level?