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About Us

At Bello Lane, we collaborate with home industry professionals by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to source and purchase furniture, fixtures, and accessories at better rates, ultimately achieving their full profit potential. Our established and proven vendor accounts enable design professionals to buy at the best pricing tiers, helping them maximize their profits and reach sales margin goals through performance analysis tools. We make it easy for you to purchase from several different vendors by expanding your buying resources through our curated list of trusted manufacturers and suppliers, all in one place. As the buying agent, we handle all the details, streamline the buying process, and save you valuable time and effort through to the delivery phase.


Hi! I'm Cali, founder of Bello Lane. 
As a business owner for over 25 years, I have learned that when businesses collaborate and form partnerships based on shared values, common goals, and complementary strengths, they can build strategic relationships that expand their resources and empower revenue growth.
I feel incredibly lucky to work in this lovely industry with so many talented professionals. We absolutely love seeing our clients' profit margins grow! It's such a joy to witness their success.

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