The Value of a Niche for E-designers

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The first step to building any business is determining what's the quickest path to revenue. For an online business, the fastest route, well the only way really, is to develop a strategic marketing plan. One focuses on building traffic to the website, converting that traffic into paying clients, then retaining those paying clients as referral cheerleaders for future projects. The fastest way to scale an E-design business is to talk to a small target audience. Define a niche and focus marketing efforts on that niche.

When you implement these tactics into your E-design you will attract those looking for your specialty. Advertising your services to everyone - doesn't draw a highly motived audience that is ready to buy. The beautiful thing about structuring your business around a specific niche is that you stand out as a leader; you position yourself as an expert, which reduces competition. When your products and ladder of services are specific to one area, your marketing is consistent and will attract a highly motivated, easier to convert audience.

To build a sustainable E-design business, you must speak to clients beyond the low-end price point shopper, and defining a niche will help you do that. You also greatly alleviate the workload for online marketing because you are consistently talking about one thing in a thousand different ways to one highly interested group of people. Instead of a thousand different things once to anybody that is listening.

To help yourself get in front of a warm audience, check out the benefits of partnering with Bello Lane at Bello Lane is a wholesale buying agency that provides procurement and logistic services to independent online interior designers, along with a marketplace that puts you in front of their shoppers.

Designers can create pre-curated room groupings for the marketplace to build a recurring revenue stream managed and marketed by Bello Lane. Shoppers can discover and work with partnering designers. Visit to see the marketplace.

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