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Updated: Apr 13

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The eDesign process and function attracts a different type of client than the traditional interior design process does. These are clients that have more of a DIY mind-set, they want to be hands on doing it themselves. They aren't looking to hire someone to take care of every aspect for them, but they are looking for someone to help them bring their vision to life. eDesign clients understand enough about the design process and appreciation the craft enough to know the benefits of working with a professional to help them style their room.


eDesign clients are looking to solve one basic problem, how to create a beautiful room on their own. To be profitable and scale your business serving eDesign clients, your packages need to be simple streamlined processes that don't require large amounts of your time, and they need to deliver furniture and accessories that elevate your value to your client while netting you higher profits.

Bello Lane's partnership program provides eDesigners with best-practice strategies for . . .

  • creating one-off room designs and the marketplace to sell them over and over, creating a recurring revenue stream without the hassles of running an e-commerce site.

  • searching and purchases furniture and accessories that best serve eDesign clients, while partnering with you to serve the client better and handle any damage claims for you.

To Learn more about the services Bello Lane's partnership program can provide for you CLICK HERE

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