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six figures 

Growing a highly profitable online interior design, eDesign, business requires shifting away from the thought of working for an e-design platform, or using affiliate links as a revenue source, or managing a website full of products. The old way of doing business limits your earning potential, takes advantage of your talents, and doesn't grow your own business.

I'm Cali Burzota

founder of Bello Lane, a procurement and logistics company for online interior designers. I am passionate about helping ambitious eDesigners who are ready to change their strategy and grow their own businesses. The problem is they don't always have the right tools and connections to get started. Together, we form a partnership that allows eDesigners to source and sell easily from the start. So that they earn higher profits and build a stronger foundation, which gives them greater financial security and more time.

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Because some franchises are giving away eDesign services and others are charging minimal fees in an effort to sell furniture, has undermined the fee structures for eDesigner's. And by creating a seemingly quick and easy path to revenue has created a business model for eDesigners that is unsustainable. Leaving them feeling frustrated with project time-lines and client policies, overwhelmed with workloads, disappointed with earnings and client projects which leads to confusion with what to do next, and desperate to make more money. Unfortunately, the routes to get started limit earning potentials and attract the wrong clients.

Are you overwhelmed and struggle with . . .

  • building a profitable income stream from affiliate links

  • trying to manage deadlines

  • sourcing furniture easily

Or are you feeling frustrated because you're working with a service that . . .

  • undervalues your time and talent

  • ends up treating you like a design producing machine

  • pays out small commissions

We are determined to change this by providing opportunities, connections, and resources.


 We're on a mission to create an avenue for eDesigners to make the profits they deserve, serve their clients better, and be in control of their financial destiny. By providing tools and resources to source at wholesale prices, select products strategically and efficiently, and create recurring revenue.

A strategic partner that works with you

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Together my daughter, Tawni, and I are excited to help you make money from the start, empowering you to build and grow your own business.

Serving e-designers in a new way!

together we all do better

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