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Listening to frustrations from my daughter and others like her who have either worked for eDesign platforms or have gone it alone prompted me to make the pivot. I heard their challenges in making the pieces they specify a better revenue stream for their business and the frustrations their clients encounter while purchasing.

Growing a business is not easy; there are risks, roadblocks, and psychological challenges involved that have set back every entrepreneur at one time or another. I don't believe not having options and opportunities readily available to serve and scale your business should be one of them. 


But, what is readily available are online retailer options that make it quick and easy to grab their products to earn a small commission for the guaranteed sale—proving to be a successful lead magnet for the retailers.  

I know you've spent time getting to know your clients, their needs, and building their trust; I don't believe the value of that relationship should be reduced or taken advantage of because you couldn't find another option.


So, let's create more options together.


Structuring our option around a profit-sharing partnership model allows you and I to bring our talents and strengths forward; to build foundations that broaden relevance, increase importance, and empower revenue growth that will benefit both equally.

Together with my daughter, Tawni, we will work with you to provide the resources and opportunities so you can . . .

  • Source from our wholesale relationships

  • Provide your clients with in-depth information about products and manufacturing

  • Compete with online retailers in ways that add value to your clients and don't violate any rules of conduct

  • Offer services your sales success team carries out for you

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